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Workplace Safety Training and Communication in COVID-19

Workplace Safety

OSHA is recommending that employers provide employees with refreshers on safety and health training in the workplace.

It’s also a good idea to review written policies and procedures, especially after long periods of shut-down. Maintenance issues and start-up procedures after prolonged absences can present new hazards. Take care to review all manufacturer recommended start-up procedures for equipment onsite, and use maintenance checklists to prepare work areas for returning employees.

Kamm Insurance Group has online safety training solutions and risk management assistance for employers.

Online Training Solution

Each course has a short quiz at the end to make sure the employee understood the material.  The system automatically tracks completion records and quiz scores to show that employees understand the content. Many of the the courses are available in Spanish.

Employers must train employees on safety practices in the workplace, and in a language that the worker can understand.  For example, properly donning and doffing a mask (putting on/taking off a mask – see below) is an important part of basic workplace training during a coronavirus outbreak.

  • If showing a video to employees (like the ones below), track everything.
  • Keep records of the employee names, the training you provided, the language of the training, and the date of the training.
  • These records are needed in case of an audit or lawsuit.
  • It is not enough to send an email or post a video and say that training was completed.
  • Sending an email does not prove that training or understanding occurred. It is passively informing workers, rather than actively engaging in training.
  • The training must be understood by workers. Offer translations.
  • Consistent training records also show good faith effort on the part of the employer. This good faith effort is useful in showing care and concern for workplace safety.

Contact us for more information about online training.

Putting On and Taking Off a Mask – English

Como Ponerte y Quitarte una Mascarilla – En Español