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Get Insurance by the Hour: Your Gig Is Our Gig

By September 23, 2019August 3rd, 2020Personal Insurance

Side hustles need insurance coverage, too.

Got a 2-hour lawn mowing gig and then you’re off for the week? Have a quick landscaping operation that requires you to add more people to your crew for just the one day? Check out our insurance on-the-fly solutions.  Keep in mind this type of insurance is intended for short-term jobs. Longer-term projects or other operations may need a thicker layer of coverage. We can cover that, too. Just email us for a more traditional policy quote.

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If you’ve got a gig that lasts a day, you don’t necessarily need a traditional insurance policy. The gig space has changed how small business owners are buying insurance. We’ve responded with insurance by the hour, day, week or whatever suits your specific operation. Click “Get Your Instant Quote” to get started.